Master Thesis Defense

22/08/2013 12:44

Gustavo Campos defended his master thesis intitled: “RF-Powered CMOS Temperature Sensor“. His work presents the development of a wirelessly powered CMOS temperature sensor, designed to measure temperatures in the human body temperature range. The sensor receives energy through an RF signal emmited by a reader device. Once the sensor has enough energy, it sends data about the measured temperature to the reader. The system was designed to operate with signal levels as low as −10dBm centered at 900MHz. The sensor device is formed by the following circuits: rectifier, voltage limiter, reference source, operating mode selector, voltage regulator, oscillator and backscattering device. The system presented 8.5μA current comsumption in active mode and 4.9μA in standby mode. The developed sensor contains a calibration method, which was designed to achieve maximum temperature measurement error of 0.2 C.