Master and Phd degrees, Posdoc

The RF  group   is always open to talented and motivated people. If this is your profile and if you are interested in a  graduate program, please send me a message using the form below e including  a brief exposition of your interests. The graduate program in electrical engineering from UFSC is level 6 – the maximum is 7 – at the  CAPES national ranking  and  can offer a scolarship for the best candidates.


Open opportunities:


Currently we are accepting candidates for both PhD and MSc programs. The topics involve:

  • Machine Learning for RF signal identification
  • Development of low cost RF instrumentation
  • Time-based calibration of Vector Network Analyzers
  • IoT platform for contacless biomedical instrumentation
  • IoT platform for industrial instrumentation and digital twin
  • RF ambient backscattering
  • Instrumentation for helping the diagnose and treatment of sleep disorders

Eventually we accept candidates with self proposals if they match with  our expertise.

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