INCT NAMTEC 2023-2027

25/05/2023 16:53

We are members of the INCT NAMITEC, colaborating in Task A1.4 – Wireless Energy Transfer and Biomedical Applications.

The INCT NAMITEC is a collaborative research network in Electronics aimed at providing innovation to applications in several domains. Its original formation took place in 2001, remaining active until 2016. After a hiatus of 6 years, it was renewed in 2022 in a project approved by CNPq, with an expected duration of 5 years. In the current version, it is formed by 86 main researchers distributed in 8 states, 34 collaborators in the country and 37 collaborators from abroad.

The work methodology focuses on inter-institutional and interdisciplinary collaborations. Activities are organized by related themes.