Circuits and Systems for WBAN – Talk at NUTES

04/09/2014 11:38
         Fernando_NUTES   The GRF/LRF work on WBAN was the subject of a talk by Prof. Rangel at NUTES (Núcleo de Tecnologias Estratégicas em Saúde).

    On occasion, the GRF researcher presented an overview of WBAN research being conducted by the Research Group on Radio Frequency at UFSC, with emphasis on: a) the transmission of wireless power for miniaturized implants; b) Characterisation of the human body communication channel; c) integrated temperature sensor powered by RF; d) energy harvesting body temperature.


GRF  believes that  WBAN is the way for innovation in the next 25 years, however, to be successful the WBAN should consume low power and should operate without bulky batteries, so that they can be used or implanted, which are some of the challenges for circuit and system designers.