Available positions !

09/07/2014 19:05

We are offering two opportunities for research assistants in undergraduate level (BOLSA DE INICIAÇÃO CIENTÍFICA).  The selected candidates will do  research on the following subjects:

  1. Energy Harvesting
  2. RFIC built-in selft-test and self-repair
  3. RF instrumentation and measurement

Context: Ultra low power devices for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN). For medical applications the consumption

is the most critical design parameter, especially in implanted devices where it is inconvenient or impossible to replace the
battery. Therefore, we try to employ solutions such as: battery recharging via energy transfer or magnetic coupling, harvest of available energy in the environment.

PIBIC Requirements.

  • Full time undergraduate student (without other grant or work) whit interest in developing research activities (20 hours per week).
  •  IA (IAA) more than 7.
  •  Have done at least one course of electrical circuits.
  •  Skills which are relevant:
  1. Independence: being able to work without close supervision, managing your own time and projects.
  2. Critical thinking: being able to evaluate your work and that of others, making judgments about the value of information and drawing conclusions from data.
  3. Problem solving: working without “a right answer” and devising strategies to work towards a solution.
  4. Contributing as a professional: presenting work to your peers, managing discussions and defending your position, having the confidence to put forwards ideas to senior staff.
  5. Initiative: having the confidence to make decisions and act on them, not waiting for approval to do basic tasks, but reporting back responsibly at appropriate times.

Some PIBIC Benefits

  • Favorable framework to develop research abilities such as: research methods, problem solving, argument construction, preparation and prioritization, and time management.
  • The “Ciência sem fronteiras” program prefers the candidates who have been enrolled in some scientific initiation program.
  • Grant for twelve (12) months beginning on August (2014).

What to do?

You must send email with your resume (showing your skills, experience, and achievements) to schedule an appointment for the personal interview, before 22 july.
These interviews will be on 24 and 25 july (2014).

Contact :
Arturo Fajardo. arfaja1979@gmail.com
Paulo Marcio Moreira. p.marcio.moreira@gmail.com

Or, send us a message using the form found here.