Second Workshop on RF and Microwave Technology


The “Second Workshop on RF and Microwave Technology” is an event organized by the Research Group on Radiofrequency at UFSC, the technical chapter IEEE IMS/CAS/COMMSOC and the IEEE Student Branch at UFSC.

The 2nd Workshop on RF and Microwave Technology intends to sharing expertise on RF and Microwave topics between students, researchers, and industry members related to electrical, electronics and complementary areas.

In addition, the event  allows a broad number of academics and professionals to be in contact with innovative ideas and different well-known speakers. The workshop also aims to promoting and creating research opportunities and partnerships between academia and local enterprises. Florianópolis and region have the potential to become one of Brazil’s main technology centers, home of a raising number of entrepreneurs, start-ups and business incubators.

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GRF mini-courses   


Course # 1: RFIC Desing Flow on CADENCE Virtuoso 

Course # 2: RF and Microwave Circuit Design on ADS Keysight 


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Each course duration is 4hr. You must attend be able to attend the complete course to make your inscription. See details below:


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Lecturers and lectures





Event Schedule:

When 26/11-Thursday(Auditorium FEESC)
10:30 Maicon D. Pereira
11:00 Germán Andréa Álvarez Botero
14:00 Hassan Aboushady
16:00 José Luís A. Guntzel and Vinícius dos Santos Livramento


When 27/11-Friday(Auditorium Teixerão – EEL/CTC)
14:00 Fabian Leonardo Cabrera Riaño
14:30 Maysam Gnovanloo
16:30 Victor Rocha Pusch