• Germán Botero: was with LRF between 2014-2015 as postdoctoral researcher. Now he is with Universidad Nacional De Colombia, working as assistant professor. CV-Lattes.
  • Khondker M. F. Rabbi: was with LRF between during 2015 as a postdoctoral researcher.

Bolsistas de Iniciação científica ou TCC

  • Vítor Furtado Thomé:  modeling of miniaturized RF devices for wireless power transfer. Linkedin.
  • Luiza Milezzi Garcia: PA RFIC design.  CV-lattes.
  • Celso Leite : application of resonant cavities for determination of  the fat content in milkCV-Lattes.
  • Gabriel Manoel da Silva: was undergraduate assistant researcher between 2010-2012. He also developed his Final Year Project at LFR: SISTEMA CNC DE POSICIONAMENTO APLICADO À CARACTERIZAÇÃO DE ACOPLAMENTO INDUTIVO. (Slides). Since 2012 he works for Federal University of Santa Catarina.
  • Luccas Meller Casagrande: gradutaed in electronics engineering at Federal University of Santa Catarina. At LRF he was undergraduate assistant researcher, involved with RFIC design for energy harvesting applications. After graduating, he started working for Chipus Microelectronics. CV-Lattes.
  • Lucas Fernandes Andrade: was undergraduate assistant researcher at LRF, involved with the design of efficient inductive link for energy transfer in bioelectronics systems
  • Rafael Mendes Duarte: undergraduate assistant researcher between 2010-2012, involved with the design of class-E power amplifiers for WPT
  • Rafael Bidese Puhl: undergraduate assistant researcher between 2011-2012.
  • Davi Luciano Figueiredo: undergraduate assistant researcher between 2010-2012